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Banks and other financing sources tend to move slowly, drawing out the process of application, review...and, finally, you receive your equipment. Leasing moves at the speed of business; automated credit scoring; applications decisioned within hours of receipt. Speed, flexibility, expert industry knowledge, all combine to explain why 8 out of 10 businesses use leasing.



1. Convenience
Simpler, more flexible documentation. 100% financing. Think leasing to your company should be a no-brainer? Can't understand how decisions can take so long? They don't have to.

2. Stay on the Edge, Avoid Obsolescence
Buying promotes keeping equipment far beyond its useful life. Out-dated equipment is often shuttled downstream or stored away until it is less than worthless (sold for less than the costs of selling).

Leasing's built-in termination date, the lease term, can be synchronized with equipment's productive life. At end of lease, new equipment arrives and out-dated equipment is shipped out. Which leads to...

3. Asset Management
Leasing and asset management go hand in hand. The process of buying, maintaining and disposing of equipment can distract valuable IT resources from mission-critical priorities. Leasing can be implemented as outsourced asset management. How? Call us.

4. Pay as the cash flows
Is your business seasonal, your business cycle predictable? Why not pay for that new equipment when it is paying for itself. Leasing is flexible: customized lease payment schedules.

5. Fixed rate lease payments
No variable interest rates here. Fixed payments enable a lessee to more accurately predict equipment costs and cash needs.

6. Capital Conservation
If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it. Traditional bank lines are perfect for running the day-to-day operations of a business but not for funding long-term equipment acquisitions. Leasing provides an alternate source of credit and financing more suited for depreciating technology assets. Don't invest in depreciation.

7. Overcome Budget Limitations
Your budget allows the purchase of only what you absolutely require...not what you really want or need? Ask how leasing can stretch budgeted dollars to acquire the quality and quantity you really need.

8. Conserve Credit Lines
Leasing does not weaken your borrowing power because money has not been borrowed. Lease and your existing credit line stays healthy and available for the unforeseen.

9. Tax Benefits
Lease rental payments are made from pre-tax rather than after-tax earnings. Lease payments may be fully deductible, consult your accountant.

10. Competitive Advantage
How can leasing help grow your business?


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